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Welcome to WindyView Acres'! We are a small farm/ranch located in North Central Arizona.

We gave up the city life and moved our daughters to Dewey in 1996. We began our much desired country life raising animals and growing food. We are striving for a self sustaining lifestyle. It started with our dream of having horses and has spread to all kinds of animals. Over the years we have adopted, purchased and rescued dogs, cats, chickens, goats, pigs, sheep, turkeys, geese, ducks, bunnies, horses, cows, parrots, cockatiels and so on. We sell some animals, they can be seen here on this site as well as some of our family and friends' animals as well. You can see more about our farm at

We offer educational tours to schools, girl scouts, boy scouts, and other groups. Learn about Native American Indian ruins located here on location or about the ins & outs of running a hobby farm. Contact us for more details.

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We have had labs for over 30 years and absolutely love the breed of dog. We raised our daughters with labs and find them to have a wonderful personality and very trustworthy with children. We currently have a litter available, please click on the Labrador link for more information.

It is the most rewarding and satisfying experience we have had with our animals. We added an unusual addition to our farm, a pair of beautiful miniature Doxies that needed a home. They are a real endearing breed and are well loved with our group and even join in with all the farm animals.

Our moms give birth in the house with us by her side where we can help if needed. We note all the info and birth times of each pup. The beauty of watching a warm and still wet pup take it's first drink and snuggle with it's mother is amazing. The lab babies normally stay in a large welping box in the living room until they are at least 4 weeks old when they go out to a large enclosure outside.

Keeping the puppies with us all the time has been a joy as well as raising very social pets. They learn all the household noises and goings on and we are able to keep very close eyes on them. We begin feeding puppy food moistened with fresh goat milk around 4 weeks of age and the babies do extremely well on it. They keep a nice plump figure and adjust to not having mom all the time real well.

We have been very lucky to have the best mothers. They take care of their litters beautifully and will even share the pups with the other moms. We have gotten used to cheking the babies often to keep the right ones with the right moms (It's a bit amusing though to see a lab trying to nurse on a miniature doxie). We don't have multible litters at the same time very often though.

We look forward to meeting new people interested in our animals. We have stayed in touch with some of our new parents over the years. We LOVE to hear from our happy families and recieve pictures of them as well.

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